In the article, Sewing Notions on Craft and Commerce, by Julia Bryan Wilson, it talks about hand making versus cheap factory labor. Cheap factory labor allows mass productions, while hand making seems tedious, but can be worth it. It also identifies craft as being dominated by women. Craft has become a form of activism. Some examples from the article were the knit helmet liners that were sent to Congress between 2007 and 2009 in plea to bring the troops home. Another example of activism that stood out to me was the Counterfeit Crochet Program that hand replicated designer bags, attempting to blur the line between hand made products and mass production. This craft seems to devalue the high end designer bags by making replicas available to more people.

In my opinion I think that hand making seems to mean a lot more to someone, by actually putting in the time and effort to make something. But the handmade articles take a lot more time to make and people are in a fast paced world where they want everything quickly, so it seems that it would be easier for them to just buy the mass produced articles instead of putting in all of their effort into making something. Some crafts seem just like a project instead of actual art.