Art, fashion, and architecture all have some sort of influence on each other; they all use imagination, memory and emotion in their works. In a sense all three use each other to get inspiration. I had not actually thought of all three getting inspiration from each other before. I could see how fashion can draw off of the other two, but before I couldn’t see how fashion inspired architecture. It is easy to see how art inspires both though. But after reading this article I have a better view of how all three each inspire one another. One of the parts from the article that stood out to me was that the architects played a major role in the dress reform. These dresses became known as art dresses. Henry Van de Velde was one of the designers of reform dresses. Another part that was interesting to me was Wallenberg Olsson’s evening gown that was made from bulletproof fabric. This evening gown showed a sense of fortification and protection, as opposed to appearing weak. I thought it is important to portray women and their clothes to be strong and powerful because I believe in women empowerment. I consider fashion as art, so I thought that it was interesting that in the article, fashion is challenged as an actual legitimate art form. Architecture and fashion are forms of art to me no matter what others think.