For my final project I crocheted an outfit out of VHS Tape. At the IFF I was inspired by the curves of the coral reefs and how wavy they were. The two that inspired me most, were the Beaded Pod World and the Plastic Pod World. These pieces inspired me because I liked the idea of reusing things instead of throwing them away. Then I thought that I could also reuse something from my house for this project, and make it eco friendly. As I was thinking of what to actually use I finally thought of VHS tapes, they were perfect for crocheting and they would be good to work with sine they are flexible. I chose crocheting for my final project because I liked the idea of making my own material into something new. I enjoyed crocheting the most out of all of the concepts that were learned throughout the course.

 Immediately I thought about making a wavy dress. Many ideas initially came to mind such as jewelry, a dress, or a skirt. As I was going along the process I decided to crochet a dress. But as I continued to crochet I noticed something else forming and I decided to make the dress into a two-piece instead. As always the initial idea usually turns into something else. But I was actually a lot happier with this new concept, instead of the dress.

        This project was a lot of fun; I had to have a lot of patience with it. But overall I enjoyed the process. My hands and arms got a good workout from it. I was happy with the outcome of my final project even though it was not my original plan. I still really liked it and I am proud of the final outcome. For the pictures, my cousin modeled the outfit for me and she said she would actually love to wear it sometime.

                                                                                                       Beaded Pod World and Plastic Pod World

                                                                                                     My supplies! VHS Tape and crochet hook

                                                                                                                              The Process