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Monthly Archives: May 2013

For my design collection of woven samples I have been inspired by tribal prints. Since I am going for a summery feel I am feeling fun and bright colors for the collection. The colors that are drawing my attention most are colors like: yellow, red, coral, black, white, hot pink, and lime green and orange. The actual designs that I am thinking of creating have characteristics such as: boldness, clean lines, cohesiveness, powerful, geometric, and stand out together. In the collection I think they would fall into three groups: linear/geometric, shapes, and a mix of prints. The type of customers that would buy my products would be hip and trendy. They would be a fashionable client in their 20’s or 30’s and they would want to stand out in the room, in a good way. The end use of most of my fabrics would be for accessories such as bracelets and bags or bathing suits.

Here are some of my inspirations for the collection!

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ruth 1Ruth Adler Schnee was born on May 13, 1923. Her parents are Marie and Joseph Adler. Ruth was German born and she emigrated to the United States after Nazi attacks  in 1939. As a child she had drawing lessons by Paul Klee, a family friends which influenced her art and her career. While in the US she studied at Rhode Island School of Design and the Cranbrook Academy of Arts. In 1946 Ruth completed her  masters degree in architectural design.  She married Edward Schnee, a Yale graduate in economics. Together they raised three children.

Ruth 3

In 1947 she opened her design studio located in Detroit. A year later Ruth and her husband created Adler-Schnee. With this company they would hand screen print her designs. Ruth created drapes for a contest and a car dealership saw them and wanted her to make some. She gladly accepted and made them some drapes for the dealership. She creates magnificent hand printed fabrics and textiles.  Most of her work is inspired by her everyday life and things around her.

Ruth - pinsandneedles

Pins and Needles

This piece was inspired by her sewing basket.

Ruth countryfair

Country Fair

Inspired by the Mexican Mercados she saw on her trip to Mexico.

Ruth 4

Ruth 5


1950, Plain weave and screen printed

Ruth 6


Late 1940’s, Linen, plain weave, screen printed

ruth 8


1953, Linen, Plain weave, screen printed

Ruth 9

Slits and Slats

1947, Linen, Plain weave, screen printed

Ruth 7

Ruth (High Tower Happy)ruth

Ruth also creates textiles for furniture on Anzea, the fabric ranges from $41-66 per yard

Ruth (Fission Chips)

Fission Chips in Sunrise $39 per yard

Ruth 2

Ruth Adler Schnee has done many projects and beautiful textiles throughout her career. She is very inspirational!