November 4, 2013

The garments I chose laid out flat:

11-4 1

Me wearing the outfit I picked out:

11-4 311-4 2

It is my fourth day of my dressing journal. Today I was busy doing homework for most of the day. Then at night I decided to go for a run with my boyfriend. Since I was just going to go for a jog I did not bother to put too much effort into my outfit since it was going to get all sweaty. So I chose a casual outfit that I could be comfortable in while jogging. I ended up choosing black workout shorts, a gray Harajuku Lovers graphic tee, purple socks, and black Nike tennis shoes. I went all natural on my face, did not put any makeup on, I do not think that people should workout with makeup. For my hair I put it up in a high bun to keep it out of my face while I ran.  We jogged in the streets around my house for a while. These garments made me feel sporty. I felt healthy and good about myself since I was getting a workout in on a busy day. I did not receive any comments about my outfit today, maybe because it was so casual. The previous reading that we just finished came to mind while I was wearing the outfit. I was running to get fit and healthy, but it made me think of other reasons why girls might go for a run, such as being unhappy with their bodies because of false ideals that we see in the media. “Studies reveal a relationship between idealized female images with a significant decrease in body satisfaction and a significant increase in the state of depression attributable to viewing these images” (pg. 145). It made me think that we should be happy with our bodies since no one is perfect.