November 5, 2013

The garments I chose laid out flat:


Me wearing the outfit:

11-5 311-5 4


Today is my fifth day with the dressing journal. Today I chose to wear a brown and black blouse with black skinny pants and black Chinese Laundry shoes. Then I accessorized with my promise ring, gold flower earrings, a gold heart bracelet, and Prada glasses. I curled my hair today and wore a normal amount of makeup with red lipstick. I chose this outfit because I wanted to dress up a little, but still be semi casual. I wore this outfit to school in the morning. After school I ended up going to LA to go fabric swatching. These garments made me feel good. While it made me feel good I was not really comfortable, I like stretchy pants a lot more. I would rather wear leggings or jeggings than pants. While wearing this outfit I got one comment, Rachel told me I looked cute. Also while fabric swatching a worker asked us if we were freshmen I was not sure if he said that because of what we were wearing or because of how we looked. While wearing the outfit I thought about the reading that mentioned dressing for success. I thought it was funny that I sort of dressed for success. I did not fully strive for success while getting dressed by choosing to be dressy but still semi casual.