November 6, 2013

The garments I chose laid out flat:


Me wearing the outfit:

11-6 211-6 3

In the afternoon I went to my cousin’s house for a little while to pick some stuff up. Then I went to the hair salon to cut my bangs. I decided to wear a pink flower print tank, a gray cardigan, jean shorts, and brown Rainbow Sandals. I accessorized with my promise ring, a gold heart bracelet, green flower earrings and a yellow flower ring. I wore minimal makeup and braided my hair. I chose this outfit because I wanted to be comfortable throughout the day. I also chose this outfit since the weather was nice and it allowed me to wear shorts. These garments made me feel comfortable and summery. I miss the summer clothes in the cold weather. Today I did not receive any comments about my outfit. I think that I did not since it is very casual and summery. I thought about the third reading and the assignment where we had to define words with our own meanings, the words I thought went with my outfit today were comfortable and a little plain.