November 7, 2013

The garments I chose laid out flat:

11-7 3

Me wearing the outfit:

11-7 111-7 2

It is day seven of my dressing journal! Today I went to school in the morning and spent my whole day at school. I chose to wear a coral dress, a jean studded vest, black nylons, and black Dr. Martens. I accessorized with my promise ring, a yellow flower ring, yellow heart earrings, a scissor necklace, and a black smile bracelet. I wore a normal amount of makeup with purple lipstick and I straightened my hair. I chose this outfit because I wanted to look girly but with an edge. These garments made me feel good about myself and I felt comfortable. I received one comment from my boyfriend he said I looked pretty, but that he was not a big fan of my jean vest because he thought it made me look like I was wearing a kid’s vest, I disagreed. I thought about clothing communication from the book, while picking and wearing my outfit. I do not think that what I meant to portray was communicated, since I was told I looked childish.