November 9, 2013

The garments I chose laid out flat:

photo 2

Me wearing the outfit:

photo 1 (1)Attachment-1

Today is the second to last day of my dressing journal. I spent most of my day at home painting then at night I went to eat with my boyfriend then I went to my friends house for a bonfire. I chose to wear a tan knit sweater, jean shorts, purple nylons, and black Chinese Laundry shoes. I curled my hair and wore a normal amount of makeup with purple lipstick. I chose this because I wanted to be warm while at the bonfire. While actually wearing this outfit I felt really comfortable and warm I also liked my outfit. My boyfriends and I accidently matched with the color of our bottoms so we thought it was pretty cool. Also my friends girlfriend told me that she really liked my outfit. I thought about clothing communication and if my outfit portrayed me being as comfortable and as warm like actually I felt.