Referring to highland rape, rape is a horrific act, why are magazines allowed to romanticize it and put it in advertisements?

Even though rape is a horrific act magazines still romanticize rape and sex because sex sells. These horrific acts attract people and get a lot press attention. Alexander McQueen’s “show was described as ‘aggressive and disturbing’ (Women’s Wear Daily 1995; 10)” (pg. 202). His designs are out in the press and get publicized, even though it is negative attention it still attracts buyers. Since people keep getting attracted and continue purchasing products the businesses keep putting the advertisements out there. Until these advertisements stop attracting the viewers these advertisements will continue.

sex sells

Is it possible for clothing to provide the type of protection McQueen try’s to create by making women look “so powerful no one would dare lay hands on them?

I do not think that it is possible to create a type of clothing that can make a “woman so powerfully sexual that no one would dare to lay hands on her” (pg. 207). Even if “a woman used her sexuality as a sword rather than a shield” (pg. 207). The clothes are still only clothes and can easily be taken off. Then once they are off, would the men still be scared to approach her, I do not think so. I do think that it is important for a woman to dress powerfully, but I do not think that the clothes alone can keep hands off of a woman.


Are the opinions of the viewer or designer a more correct interpretation of fashion?

I think that the opinions of the designers are a more correct interpretation of fashion. The designers are the ones that are creating new styles, trends, and ides. The viewers are the ones that follow and adopt the styles and trends that the designers create. The designers are innovative; they are expressing their interpretations of fashion through their fashion lines. All viewers might not love the designers’ creations, but it is always important to remember that “you can’t please everyone when you design” (pg. 204). It is important to stick to ones views and be original while designing.


Why is it appealing to sexualize or eroticize fashion?

I personally do not think that it is appealing to sexualize and eroticize fashion, but most fashion brands do it and keep doing it because sex sells. Most brands that sexualize fashion attract customers that think that they may look like the people in the advertisements if they purchase the products. The brands that sexualize fashion get much attention from people, whether it is from the customers or the press. Even though the sexualization is not healthy it will continue. It is dangerous, “a repressive society turns all eroticism into violence” (pg. 208). Sexualizing and eroticizing fashion are natural things to people which continue in society since most people think that it is appealing.

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