Inspiration from The Help:


I was inspired by the movie The Help for my final project. I was inspired by the southern belles in the movie. The colors and bold floral prints throughout the movie inspired the materials that I plan to use. I hope to use a floral print as my textile. If I do not find a textile that is just right, then I plan to use a plain fabric and add embroidery to it. I am getting inspiration from all of the women in The Help for the silhouette of my dress. I am inspired by the full skirts nipped at the waist of the upper class southern belles such as Hilly. I am also inspired by the boldness and quirkiness of Celia Foote. Celia is a bombshell and I hope to incorporate that into my silhouette. I plan to draw different aspects from the characters of The Help to create a dress with my own personal twist to it.


sketch 2 sketch 3 sketch 4 sketchsketch 5 sketch 6sketch 7 sketch 8sketch 9 sketch 10


Swatches 4 Swatches 6

Swatches 1

Flat Sketch:

final sketch

Final Dress:


dress 1