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Monthly Archives: February 2014

No Waste Dress Design Statement

I was inspired to create a no waste dress after researching zero-waste designs. I was mainly inspired after hearing how many textiles are left on the cutting floor, wasted, and thrown away. All of the leftover textiles are filling up landfills and slowly destroying the environment. I thought about my prior projects and realized that I have wasted a lot of fabric in most of my designs so far. I had never really thought about it before. I would like to change that and hopefully incorporate these techniques as much as I can throughout my career and waste as little fabric as possible.

When I began this project I was totally lost, confused, and did not know what to do or where to begin. I started by sketching different ideas and then chose a design that would work well without wasting much or any fabric. Then I tried to fit the pattern pieces like a jigsaw puzzle for the most part with a few extra pieces. While patterning the main tips I took away from the article were to keep an open mind while patterning and not give up too easily. I also learned that one must be very experimental, try different styles to get a successful outcome. These tips were very useful because I had to try many different manners of laying out the pattern on the fabric to get what I wanted. I laid out the fabric on the fold and then spread the pattern pieces out like a puzzle.

I finally created a short dress/tunic. I changed the design concept due to the fabric shortage and made the dress a little shorter than I had originally planned. I made the neckline rectangular and used the pieces I cut out for the pockets. Then with all of the other extra pieces I added embellishments to the pockets and used the extra strips of fabric as clothes hangers. The main challenge I had with this project was patterning it. Once I finished patterning, the sewing became easy; I even learned how to sew in pockets in this project. I am very happy with the overall look and finish of my design; I think that the fabric choice goes along well with the silhouette of the dress.


no waste sketch 1


no waste sketch 3no waste sketch 2

Pattern Pieces:

no waste pattern 4

no waste pattern 2

Scale Model of Pattern:

no waste pattern 1

Finished Dress:

no waste dress 1 no waste dress 3