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Monthly Archives: April 2014

Average Figure Croquis:


Average-4 Average-5

Full Figure Croquis:

 Full-2 Full-3 Full-4

Model Figure Croquis:

 Model-1 Model-3 Model-4

Historic Figures:

 1800's-1 1800's-2

Modern Figures:

50's-3 60's-3


I was inspired by all of the fashion elements in The Devil Wears Prada. I mainly drew inspiration from the characters Andy Sachs and Miranda Priestly. I loved the way Andy transformed her style throughout the movie and Miranda’s overall classy but fashionable style. Throughout the movie, the characters wore fashionable outfits whether dressed up or down. I drew different elements from their wardrobe for the color and texture swatches. The main color elements throughout were black and white with pops of color, sequins, and lace.