Sustainability Manifesto

I am not typically a sustainable designer, but it really is important to start making designs much more sustainable. We should really care more about our planet, and this project opened up my eyes to that. I may not continue to make sustainable outfits, but I will keep it in mind. This outfit can be versatile and worn for many different occasions and can be dressed up or down. Just remember to keep exploring and go in your backyard. You can find your inspiration anywhere.

Then the dyeing process began, since I had never naturally dyed before I was not sure about the types of ingredients to use. I decided I should test out different ingredients and after doing some research I found some to try, based on the color that I was trying to achieve. The onion worked best so I decided to dye my garments with onions. When I actually dyed the garments, they did not have the original yellow shade that appeared during the trials. But I am still happy with the outcome, since it was my first time. I would definitely like to try this dyeing process again and find different ingredients to use to create bold and bright colors.



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